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  • Listening to: Neighbours throwing a party
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Hey peeps!

Long time since I uploaded something here! Real life took over for quite a long time, since my daughter was born in 2014. Things have been tough, she's a very sensible child and need lots of time to adjust to things. We're on a good way, but there's still a lot work with her to do. Being three months premature we see what impact that can have on a child. 

I managed to get a new PC in the meantime but not all programs are up and running. Apo and Chaotica do, at least and that is fun, I missed that. Looking forward browsing lots of fantastic art fromm all of you!

Have a great sunday, enjoy the weekend! 
CopperColour Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2016
Hello Tanya. I'm pleased to see you are back.

I didn't know you had had a baby. Prematurity is a problem. My children were all one month premature... not too much.
That was a long time ago though.
I wish your little girl good luck and good health.

I hope you find time to make fractals. You should be able to recover UF by asking Frederick Slijkerman.

Sue. :)
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