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Hey peeps!

Long time since I uploaded something here! Real life took over for quite a long time, since my daughter was born in 2014. Things have been tough, she's a very sensible child and need lots of time to adjust to things. We're on a good way, but there's still a lot work with her to do. Being three months premature we see what impact that can have on a child. 

I managed to get a new PC in the meantime but not all programs are up and running. Apo and Chaotica do, at least and that is fun, I missed that. Looking forward browsing lots of fantastic art fromm all of you!

Have a great sunday, enjoy the weekend! 
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Hey folks,

I was forced to be offline a bit and I am not able to do any artwork for now. Some days ago my pc crashed and that completely. We are busy fixing other stuff now before I'll get a new one. Until then it's my little laptop I use to browse.

So in the meantime I can do nothing but enjoy your beautiful art. :) 

Take care
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Hi there,

this is just a little reminder to the visitors of my gallery: In the last days some people faved my work and put it in their stock collections.

Please note that I do not offer my art as stock! As you can see, the fractals are NOT uploaded as resources, but in raw fractals, but that is no stock category. 

If you are not familar with the different categories, then please read about them and inform yourself.

Thanks and take care


Hi everybody!

I hope you all have a fab New Years Eve! I'm quite busy at the moment, we bought a house some weeks ago, and there's some stuff to do. There will be some changes in 2014, since I'm pregnant in week 19 now and I'm very happy :) Because of this, I was not really active here, but I hope I soon have the time (before the birth) to do some more art.

All my friends and watchers a Heppy New Year, I hope that all your wishes come true! 

Tanke care!


As I reported in my last journal entry, art thief Maran Alsdorf is using other people's images and selling them. Now that she blocked several people on FB and deleted their comments that told her to take down the images we hope that FB is reacting fast and closing down the page.

I reported it, but there's not so much for me to do, since I'm not the holder of copyrights on any of these images.

That means: Report the page to FB if she took your images. Send complaints. She claims to have the copyright and that all images are her own. She even complains that other people steal her work and remove her copyright.... oh dear....

Hi folks,

while browsing on pinterest for inspiration, I found an "artist" whose images seemed quite familar to me. He is selling other peoples artwork as calenders, postcards, etc. It includes f.e. images from dark-spider (Cris Ortega) and fractal arts.

Please take a look and inform the artists concerned.

Here's the link to the website:…

Thank you for 20.000 pageviews!

As a little gift I uploaded 20 space art flames for Apo, that I picked out from my library of around 200 space like flames. And that library is still growing... ;)

Anyway, I hope you like this gift and I'm looking forward to the images you'll (hopefully) creating!

Take care! :hug: